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Thank you for your interest in our organization and your willingness to help the animals in our care. 

Interest in our volunteer program has been at an all time high and we needed to do some restructuring of our internal training processes. We are so thankful for your support and patience while we roll out a new volunteer training program for our current volunteers. Once complete, we look forward to announcing our specific needs for direct animal care in the future. Thank you for your continued understanding.

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Want to help right away? You can help the animals in lots of other ways! Please read below for information about volunteer opportunities outside of the shelter. 

Service Learning Projects

Completing a Service Learning Project for school? Need to earn Community Service Hours for a school/organization requirement?
Please CLICK HERE to read and complete the Service Learning Information Form.


Gardening/Landscaping Volunteers Wanted

Volunteer help is needed performing gardening and landscaping duties on a regular basis. Examples of tasks needing attention include: weeding, watering, mulching, and/or mowing in the gardens, play yards, along Paws Lane, and on the walking trails. If you are interested in helping with these tasks, please contact us at for more information.


Independent Volunteer Opportunities

The following is a list of opportunities you can complete outside of the shelter to benefit the animals in our care by raising funds or collecting supplies. We encourage both children and adults to get involved in these projects.

Organize a bake sale at your school, church, or office. Recruit people to help you make delicious treats and sell them at the bake sale. You can also set up a lemonade stand in front of your house or in your neighborhood. Advertise that the money collected at the bake sale or lemonade stand will be donated to Cape Ann Animal Aid. You might consider making posters to advertise these events in advance. Before planning to host one of these events, remember to seek permission at the desired location in advance.

Organize a yard sale to benefit Cape Ann Animal Aid. You may even consider inviting your neighbors to join you as well. This is a great opportunity to clean out and organize your house while raising money and awareness for Cape Ann Animal Aid. You should make posters to advertise the yard sale in advance. Remember to write that the sale benefits Cape Ann Animal Aid and include the time, date, and location. It’s very important to remove your advertising signs after the yard sale.

Pick any of the following projects to complete for the shelter dog or cats.

Grow and donate cat grass
Cat grass is nutritionally beneficial for cats and they enjoy eating it. Visit your local pet store and ask about cat grass seeds or growing kits. Once you grow a container of cat grass, you can donate to our shelter cats.

Make a cat octopus

  • Choose a few fabric strips for the toy
  • If desired, sprinkle a bit of cat nip in the middle of one strip and fold over
  • Tie the rest of the strips around it to secure the cat nip, making an octopus-like shape

Make a braided rope toy for dogs

  • Choose one bundle of strips of fabric.
  • Separate it into three equal parts.
  • Begin to braid these parts as tightly as possible so the toy is sturdy.
  • Thread on tennis balls where desired.
  • Braid until the toy is slightly longer than your desired length and tie the strands in a knot.

*Always supervise your dog(s) while playing with toy.*

Have a birthday coming up? Looking for a reason to get your friends and family together? Want to celebrate a special occasion? You can throw a party to benefit Cape Ann Animal Aid for any reason! Here’s how:
1) Decide on a theme and reason for your party.
2) Send invitations to your guest list (friends, family, classmates etc.)
3) If it’s a birthday party for you, ask for a donation to CAAA or for items off of our Wish List instead of presents.
4) If the party is just for fun, let the attendees know that your having the party to benefit CAAA and invite them to bring a donation or items off of our Wish List.
5) After the party, make sure you send a quick thank you to all who attended for being so generous.

We use a number of social media pages to spread the word about upcoming events and animals in our care looking for a home. Feel free to follow/like these pages and spread the word to your friends and family! Please note that children should ask their parents before using the Internet and logging on to these pages.

You are encouraged to collect the items below from friends, family members, and neighbors in order to increase the community’s awareness of Cape Ann Animal Aid. Do not feel limited by the quantities listed. This is a great activity for school groups, youth groups, or girl/boy scout troops to participate in.

Keep in mind that this activity is not intended to be a shopping list but rather a challenge for you to reach out to others and ask them to contribute these items to help you complete your scavenger hunt.


  • 12 rolls of paper towels
  • 10 cans of wet dog food
  • 10 cans of wet cat food (pate style)
  • 1 bag of dry dog food
  • 1 box of steel wool sponges
  • 5 bath/beach towels
  • 2 blankets (no fitted bed sheets or stuffed comforters please)
  • 10 new or “like new” cat toys
  • 10 new or “like new” dog toys
  • 1 $25 gift certificate to a pet supply, grocery, or home improvement store
  • 5 bottles of bleach
  • 2 packages of dishwasher tabs
  • 1 roll of stamps (100 stamps/ per roll)
  • 5 new or “like new” nylon dog collars, any size
  • 5 new or “like new” nylon dog leashes, any length (no retractable leashes please)
  • 3 packages of white printing paper (500 sheets per package)


*Children should have proper adult supervision and should ask their parent or guardian before beginning any volunteer project.

*If you plan to organize any projects marked with an asterisk*, please send an email to our shelter so we are aware. We may receive phone calls asking about the event and we want to be able to provide the appropriate information.

*Please contact our shelter if you have any questions or concerns. We may be able to provide you with a copy of our logo for promotional reasons and can offer suggestions and ideas to help you with your project.


Katelyn Lordan, Volunteer Coordinator
978-283-6055 x12

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